Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Day 405...Tuesday

Day 405...

And we have another Tuesday and another day of two halves.

My morning was spent in work and was the usual mix of admin, emails and banking along with some prep work for a new starter in a couple of weeks time. A pretty standard, but productive, morning.

Once home it was straight back out the door to go on a walk with Simon as he had not long started his lunch break; we did our usual 1.89 miles in about 38 minutes.

After reheating some leftover keto pizza for my lunch I decided to check my emails which meant I had the necessary details to be able to process the wages for pre-school before I headed out the door once more. 

I then picked my dad up to take him to the barbers as his car is still out of action. Although I've now realised that Simon had his hair cut last week, my dad this week, Ethan is next week but I've got to wait until the week after...that doesn't seem right!! While my dad had his hair cut I did a little grocery shopping for him and filled my car with petrol and timed it perfectly to pick up my dad with his refreshed hair!

Back home I did a little pre-school work to organise a few folders ready for processing tomorrow. I also had a couple of emails back from two different window companies and am now trying to figure out what each of them are offering and which is the best option for us. I have one more company coming out to give us a quote next week and hopefully we might get to have a look around a showroom at the weekend to give us a better idea of what we can do.

As I was sat at my laptop I could hear my neighbour outside and she was sounding rather jolly... I looked outside and she waved madly at me with a glass of champagne in her hand...her daughter had given birth to a little girl this afternoon and so she was, quite rightly, celebrating! She was so happy and it was lovely to spend a few minutes with her letting her share her news. 

At the end of the working day it was time for a little home workout before settling down for some Netflix and chill!!

Take care.


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