Thursday, 29 April 2021

Day 407

Day 407...

Another day of two halves with the morning spent in work and the afternoon at home.

My morning was, once again, pretty standard stuff with emails, admin and banking to contend with. On my way home at lunchtime I stopped by my hairdresser to get a 'patch test'...something that all hairdressers seem to be doing following this last lockdown. I have had my hair coloured and bleached for about 25 years but it is now industry standard for clients to have skin tests to ensure there is no allergic reaction after not being able to have had our hair coloured for at least five months! I cannot wait for two weeks time so that I can go back to my usual super short crop as well as getting my blonde back.

Once home, and after a spot of lunch, I spent most of the afternoon trying to get on top of my online birthday shopping. I have made good progress and have placed a few different orders. Not only do I have Simon and Molly to think about but I also have a few friends with birthdays in May; it is a very busy birthday month! 

I have also placed a butchers order for delivery next week and managed to move our upcoming dentist appointment as it was now clashing with our new flooring being installed. So although I haven't physically moved much this afternoon I have managed to get quite a lot of things done...thank goodness for the power of the internet!

And some good news today...I got the results back from my mammogram that I had a couple of weeks ago and everything is 'normal' - phew!

Take care out there.

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