Monday, 19 April 2021

Back to Work Monday

Day 397...

So after a couple of weeks off it was time to go back to work today. Ordinarily I don't work Mondays but as this was the first day of a new term I'd decided I would pop in if only for an hour or so.

But as we now have a member of staff self isolating due to a family member testing positive for covid I now had to go in to ensure that we had sufficient staff to meet the required ratio of adults to children.

It was also the first day that we were having to set the playroom from scratch. As we share a building with our local scouts and guides we have to make sure that we pack all our equipment away at the end of each day. But due to covid the scouts and guides have not been allowed to meet for the past year which has meant that we have had the building to ourselves and been able to leave all our equipment in situ. As restrictions are now beginning to ease and scouts and guides are allowed to meet we now have to pack everything away at the end of our school day and then reset everything the following day. It's a lot of work and something we need to get used to!!

So work this morning consisted of me and my deputy re-organising some of our storage area; moving outdoor storage cupboards, finding new places to store items and sending some items home with staff to store offsite as they are only needed once a year! We also had a catch up over some admin bits and then I had stuff to print, file and banking to catch-up with. But after a busy morning I was able to take the afternoon off and was home just after lunch.

Simon and I decided to make the most of a warm and sunny afternoon and took a walk out which ended up being 5.25 miles in an hour and 42 minutes. It was a longer walk than we had anticipated and we were both in need of a coffee by the time we got home! But the lovely weather did mean we could enjoy our coffee sat outside; we definitely got our dose of vitamin D today.

And before we knew it, it was time to play taxi service for Molly as she had her kickboxing lesson this evening. And that was Monday all done.

Take care.

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