Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Happy Hump Day

Day 378...

And we have the middle, the hump if you will, of the week - Wednesday.

Today was a full day in work for me. This morning we had the judging of our Easter Bonnet competition and the drawing of our Easter raffle. This in turn meant the appropriate social media posts and the advising of winners so that we could organise the distribution of prizes.

I had the usual admin tasks to complete along with some updates to our online learning journal system that we use to communicate with our parents. We enjoyed another sunny day outside with unseasonably warm temperatures, although looks like we are back to normal tomorrow with the forecast being ten degrees (celsius) cooler than today!!

On my way home I was able to drop one of our raffle prizes off at a lucky winners house. Once home it was a quick turnaround to get ready for podcast recording; this meant moving my laptop along with microphone and earphones into the quietest room in the house which happens to be my bedroom. But just as I was setting up I heard a buzzing noise and saw there was a big fat wasp on the window. Now I am not a wasp fan but I was quickly able to open the window but would it go anywhere near the open window? Of course not! I closed the curtains and gathered a few other bits I needed for recording and thankfully by the time I returned the wasp had had the good sense to fly out the open window!

This warm weather is lovely but it has obviously woken up the wildlife; it turned out Simon had three other wasps throughout the day to deal with. Although my encounter last night with something very black, too big for my liking and eight legs was not any fun either. We were just going to bed and I went to open a cupboard in the bathroom; not looking I put my hand out to grab the handle and felt something soft and 'fluffy'...I looked and then screamed and danced around the bathroom! Simon thought I'd trapped a finger or something until I could finally string a sentence together and utter the words 'argh spider!' Not the most relaxing way to go to bed!

Today was rounded out with Michelle and I enjoying about an hour of catching up and recording a podcast episode that will be released this coming Sunday. We chatted about some Disney history, some news and then we looked at some 'easter eggs'; not the chocolate ones but the ones you find in movies. 

And I now have one more day of work ahead tomorrow before finishing for two weeks and only two more sleeps until Molly returns home.

Take care.

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