Friday, 2 April 2021

Day 380 - Good Friday

Day 380...

And today is the start of the Easter weekend, it's Good Friday!

Well as there was no need to be up and about this morning we had a steady morning that saw a lazy breakfast followed by the setting up of the 'Crock-Pot' to cook a Beef Bourguigon for tonights dinner. This was at special request of Molly who has returned home this afternoon after three months away at her boyfriends during this current 'lockdown' malarkey.

The rest of the day has been very industrious; I have been out in the garden once again pulling up weeds, brushing up leaves and just generally having a tidy around. I decided to extend my weeding area to include that of one of my elderly neighbours gardens as we have some communal space that we all look after so I helped by ensuring her area was as weed free as possible.

Simon has spent all day outside with his R2D2 making it look more 'Star Wars' as it has been weathering day! Thankfully we had a lovely dry and sunny day, if a little chilly, but this meant Simon could take his droid outside and make all the mess he liked. It was a full days work to take his R2 from all clean and shiny to looking like he'd seen some action. He also had great fun showing off his build to our neighbours who have seen him creating parts over the last couple of years but hadn't, until now, seen the completed version.

Simon busy weathering R2

Looking more authentic

Hop over to Simon's art page on Facebook for video of the progress today.

Later this afternoon Molly arrived safely home and has been busy unpacking and putting all her 'stuff' back where it belongs. It is lovely to have her back home and glad to have a little normality restored to life!

And now we have beef bourguignon and keto garlic bread to eat before watching this weeks The Falcon and The Winter Soldier!

Take care.

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