Thursday, 22 April 2021

Day 400

Day 400...

Wow, another milestone reached...400 days of writing my lockdown diary.

I wanted to record what happened during the initial lockdown as it was something we had never experienced before nor had I ever expected to experience such a thing while living in a Western Democratic society. But here we are 400 days later and we are still living under restrictions.

So much for the original three weeks to protect the NHS, and all the other reasons that have followed since. I can't even begin to recall what 'reasons' we have been given over the last 400 days because there have been so many.

The advice has changed, the rules have changed, the requirements forced upon us have changed so it is no wonder that the vast majority of people have no real idea of what is happening and simply do as they are told if it means they can do anything vaguely 'normal'. 

We were told masks were unnecessary that they did nothing to protect us...until last Summer that was. When the rate of infections was flat, because it's a seasonal virus that does not do well in the warmer months, cases and deaths were low and suddenly masks did work and we all needed to wear them. So what is they work or don't they? According to various studies they don't and may cause more harm than good when worn for long periods and used incorrectly. I am getting rather fed up of seeing people outside with no-one else around them and wearing a mask, or people alone in their cars wearing a mask...who do they think they are protecting and from what?

And don't get me started on testing! Let's test all the asymptomatic people 'just in case'...where do I start? If you're asymptomatic you probably haven't got it, if you're genuinely asymptomatic you will not be shedding the virus (because you're not coughing etc) and so will not be infecting anyone. All tests operate with a false positive rate so even if we assumed a really tiny false positive rate of 0.1% and we test one million people we will find 1000 false positive cases so we will never get to a point of cases below a thousand or no cases whatsoever. Argh! I'm not a scientist but I can read and don't just take what the main stream media present to me as the whole truth. Yes I maybe sceptical, but that means I question and seek out answers. Covid exists but is it really worth 400 days of 'restrictions'?

Okay so that's todays rant out of the way although I could go on but perhaps I'll leave that for another day.

So my actual day has been another day of two halves. The morning was spent in work with the usual bits of paperwork, banking and organising to do. I arrived home at lunchtime, walked in the door, quickly got changed and walked back out again. Simon and I had a brisk lunchtime walk of 1.85 miles in 34 minutes.

After a bite to eat I headed out to a local supermarket to pick up a few bits and pieces that we were running short on while Molly headed out for a meet up with her besties. They had booked an outside table at a bar in Nottingham and were getting there by tram. Most places seem to be offering a 'book a table' service and allocate your group around two hours. Some places are doing 'walk-ins' but this could mean a longish wait to get 'in' to the outside area! 

The remainder of my afternoon was spent drinking coffee in the sunshine, doing a few emails, checking social media and just generally having some down time. When Simon finished work for the day we both headed off to complete our respective workouts...visit 101 for Simon to our 'gym'. And then we got the call from Molly that she was heading home and could we play taxi service and pick her and a friend up from the tram stop. Sounds like the girls had had a lovely time, drinking cocktails in the sunshine followed by the obligatory McDonalds to go!

And that was day 400...restrictions still in place...let's hope we can get out of this sooner rather than later?!!

Take care.

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