Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Day 399

Day 399...

And we have a Wednesday and another day split between work and home.

Work started with me picking up a colleague and two boxes of phonic resources on the way to work. As storage space is limited at pre-school we have had to store those items that are not used too frequently at staff members homes. 

As we are approaching the end of the academic year we are busy getting our eldest children ready for the transition into primary school and we use this time to introduce them to phonics. Whilst phonic work is not strictly part of the curriculum for our age group we can recognise when children are ready to start learning and hope that by introducing them to phonics now it will help them when they start at their new schools in a few months time.

We take great pride in getting the children that come through our pre-school ready for moving onto 'big' school and making sure that they are ahead of the curve. We always aim to give our children the confidence and independence to give them the best possible start to their formal education; with children often leaving us ahead of the expected developmental norms.

But my morning in pre-school was a mix of the usual admin tasks with a little banking, emails, filing and data input so that we can access the correct funding from our local county council. Not very exciting but very essential.

When I arrived home Simon was out at the barbers...we won't mention the fact that he has had his hair cut before me...three weeks before I can get mine cut!! He does look much smarter and no longer needs to wear a baseball cap to hide the long locks...but still, I need mine doing!!!!

I then made the mistake of checking pre-school's email, which meant I had some more work to do - doh! But I did manage a little chill out time with a coffee before getting ready to head out for a beauty clinic appointment. And while I was getting beautified Simon took Molly to her kickboxing class and also posted out a helmet sale that had come through today.

And there we have another's wine glass is empty and it's time for keto pancakes...because that's how we roll on a Wednesday evening!

Take care.

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