Sunday, 25 April 2021

Sunny Sunday

Day 403...

We had another lovely sunny day, maybe not quiet as warm as yesterday with a bit of a chilly wind...but still sunny.

First job of the day was to head out and collect the weekly grocery shop and put petrol in the car. With the shopping all put away we took the time to enjoy a coffee sat outside in the sunshine while figuring out what to do with the rest of the day.

We decided that we would take a walk but instead of going over the fields we jumped in the car and headed to Nottingham. We had a walk around the city centre simply taking in the surroundings at a gentle pace but we still managed to walk 3 miles. We grabbed a coffee and sat in the main square in the sunshine watching the world go by.

The city was busy and it was great to see so many people out and about. There were lots of places that had taken over stretches of the street with new outdoor seating as hospitality is only allowed to serve outside at the moment. And when we sat in the Old Market Square area it was busy with people stopping to sit and enjoy a drink, food or just stop for a few minutes.

There were still queues to get into some of the bigger named shops and whilst I would have loved to have had a look around some of them I really couldn't be bothered to queue to 'just have a look'. So while we find some of the restrictions of the past four months are being lifted we are still having to live our lives by rules and regulations.

Most people out and about were mask-free but there were those who felt the need to wear one while walking around outside which I just can't understand. I even saw families where all but one were mask-free, or couples where one person was wearing a mask and the other wasn't...really can't get my head around that. There was a point along our walk where in order to walk through an enclosed walkway from one outdoor place to another outdoor place we had to wear a mask...suffice to say we took the long way round to avoid such a 'faff-on'.

We arrived home late afternoon and helped Ethan with a little tidy around of his room before settling down for a coffee and a peruse of social media followed by a little digital drawing for Simon. All that remains now is to pour the red wine and make keto pizza!

Take care, whatever you are doing.

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