Saturday, 10 April 2021

A Slow Saturday

Day 388...

Suprisingly for a Saturday we were up and moving about relatively early this morning and we started the day with our usual walk into the next village in search of coffee.

Part of our walk takes us past a small football pitch that is used by youth teams and it was lovely to see them all back in action. Although I would guess those who live close by have not missed the tons of cars parked everywhere!

But we managed 3.58 miles in an hour and 10 minutes and enjoyed a good coffee on our walk back, and we brought home cake for the kids and a little indulgence by way of a date scone for me.

The afternoon has seen Simon demold the helmet that he had made at the beginning of the week as well as finish staining a small storage box that we had bought that wasn't quite as dark a wood as we would have liked. I managed to update my grocery order and order a few other bits online. I also managed to get our printer working again...well I say's now printing better than it did before but it's still not as good as I would like it to be, but it will suffice for now. I even had a few minutes outside pulling up yet more weeds, although it was too chilly to be out for long.

Simon had a little work he wanted to get done and so I took a little time to catch up on some TV watching; The Marvellous Mrs Maisel...just working my way through season three.

It's been a bit of a strange weekend. Yesterday it was announced that the Queens husband, Prince Philip, had died at the age of 99. Wow, what an achievement to reach that age, and while it is a sad occasion it would appear that all other news has stopped. Thankfully we don't watch an awful lot of standard, main stream media, but by all accounts all programs just stopped and the airwaves were filled with news item after news item after remembrance documentaries.

Now I am not a fan, so to speak, of the Royal family, they are something that exists in this country and are kind of 'just part' of Britain. I don't follow what they get up to, I'm not particularly interested in celebrating any occasions or milestones (unless it means a day off work!) and as they have no real power or decision making ability I struggle to see the point of them. Yes I appreciate that they attract tourism to the country and are quite revered by countries who do not have a monarchy but they are an institution funded by us the taxpayer and whom live in a manner far better off than those funding it!

However, it is very sad that an old gentleman, who had a very good life living in luxury, has died.  But in a year when lots of people have lost their lives, for lots of different reasons, and a year in which we have all had our lives curtailed forgive me if I see the reaction in the media to be a tad disproportionate!

By all means recognise his life, show him respect but let's not make such a fuss over it. Other lives that have been lost this year have not been celebrated, have not had loved ones with them when they passed and certainly haven't had the 'send off' they perhaps would have wanted or deserved. Surely there is a dignified response possible that doesn't belittle all other lives lost.

Moving onto cheerier news it is only a couple of sleeps until we see some more of our freedoms restored. From Monday shops will be opening, hairdressers and personal services too and outdoor dining (fingers crossed the British weather is kind!) will be allowed. But all of course with masks and 'track and trace' the question is will these activities be fun or will they feel too much of an effort? We will see...I've still got to wait till May to get my hair cut!!

Right it's Saturday night so it's time to make keto pizza, grab a glass of red wine and settle down to watch RuPauls Drag Race!

Take care, see you tomorrow.

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