Saturday, 1 May 2021

Saturday Shuffle

Day 409...

So having reached the weekend we find ourselves with plenty to do ahead of happenings next week!

But first we had a trip to the post office as Simon had sold another Shadowman poster via his website. Then we popped over to a local window company to chat with one of their sales guys about our new windows and more importantly our new front door. We have a non-standard size door that had been proving a little tricky to sort a replacement for but having visited the showroom we now have a solution and can move ahead with getting the windows and door sorted.

Then this afternoon we started to clear three of our rooms ahead of new wood flooring going down next week. We needed to make the rooms as accessible as possible and move as much furniture out of the rooms as we could.

One of the rooms was particularly challenging as it is a mezzanine floor, that we call the gallery, which is where Simon works. All the furniture was built in situ so removing it meant lowering them over  a balustrade to the room below! Thank goodness we had Molly and her fella on hand to help us! How we get it back up is a question for a week's time...eek!!

But it was an afternoon well spent with the gallery area being completely cleared including the carpet and a good amount of items getting moved out of the living room. We still have more furniture to move and the carpet to clear from the living room as well as our bedroom so it's a good job it's a long weekend!

Well a productive day was rounded out with the making of keto pizza, a few nibbles, strawberries, chocolate and wine.

Take care.


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