Sunday, 31 January 2021

Squelchy Sunday

Day 319...

Today has been one of those days severely lacking in motivation for me. Simon always seems to have little projects on the go and has things to do whereas I seem to struggle.

We took a walk out this morning and decided to brave the fields. We headed off down what we refer to as 'The Brook' and initially the ground underfoot wasn't too bad; yes it was wet and a bit muddy in places and there was still some ice laying around in puddles but otherwise it was okay. 

We did one of our circular routes and it was the last field on the way home where things began to get a tad squelchy! In fact there was no evidence of what was once the footpath, it was just a sea of mud and a channel of water had formed down one side of where the path should have been. We met a dog walker at the top of the path and noticed he was wearing white trainers...we had the good grace to tell him not to bother! Thankfully we have an outdoor tap so when we got home we could clean our boots off before heading indoors.

One thing I did notice today was the amount of cars parked along the main road through our village...we only have the one road going through our village! I counted 38 cars parked along a half mile stretch of road, in 'normal' times you might see half a dozen or so at its busiest. I don't have a problem with people wanting to get out and about and if they want to visit our village and walk in the countryside around where we are then that's fine. But if we are being told to stay local...I just wonder how many are 'local'...and whether if we drove somewhere to go for a walk we would be allowed to or not?

It was a quiet afternoon at home with a little online grocery shopping, prepping some questions for the Disney quiz later in the day, catching up with the ironing and helping Ethan a little with cleaning his room. Simon has been out in the garage molding a Mandalorian helmet as he has just had a new order come through and then he has been working on his latest art commission for a retro gaming magazine.

The now usual Disney quiz (hosted by the Disney Dream Girls podcast I help co-host) happened this evening and was a much needed distraction. I will admit to not really feeling in the mood for it today but after a few minutes it was lovely to chat, giggle and answer a few questions. Next week we will have questions on the film Moana which means I have something to watch this week...although I could do with Molly being at home as she knows this film way better than I do!

And with a glass of red wine in my hand that is where I will end todays post.

Take care out there.

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