Friday, 22 January 2021

Day 310

Day 310...

Today was a normal Friday and a day spent in work. Another productive day as it was time to issues invoices, catch up on banking, update our online learning journal system and prepping a mini newsletter to go out at the beginning of next week to let our parents know what we will be up to at pre-school.

Once home it was time to chill with a coffee and my jigsaw, and I am making pretty quick progress. I only stopped because the light was fading and I needed another coffee!

Well the figures for the UK today show that the 'R' value is below 1 - yippee! But that the new variant might be more fatal...the new variant that has been around since September but only announced to the public in mid December and is only in England and Northern Ireland...I don't want to sound skeptical but really?!

The longer this goes on the more I don't trust a word being spoken by any of those that get up in front of the cameras to spout the latest facts and figures; it all feels so fear driven. The reporting seems to focus on the doom and gloom and I feel completely trodden down by it all now.

The way out of this feels as far away as it ever has and makes me question what has it all been for. How will this affect us all moving forward? Are we going to end up in a never ending cycle of lockdown every winter? Is this now the answer to all the health problems? Why have the government not invested in the NHS as they should have been doing not only the last few months in readiness for the winter resurgence but also the past 10 plus years?!

The whole situation is, to be frank, depressing. 300 plus days of writing about my life and this pandemic and we are no further on.

Take care out there.

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