Friday, 15 January 2021

Meeting Online

Day 303...

Last day of the working week today and another day split into two halves.

This morning was another working from home morning with a mixture of emails, continuing with updating our safeguarding policy and attending an online 'leaders and managers' meeting.

I must admit I am liking having these sort of meetings online. I don't have to drive anywhere; there's no worry about getting parked or having to pay for parking; I have access to decent coffee; no sitting in a draughty room waiting for everyone to arrive; no sitting through the usual 'housekeeping' duties for the venue; no having to make small talk with people I don't know and am not likely to see again for at least three months...if ever; no having to do random tasks. Plus I can continue working up until the minute the meeting starts; I can carry on working through any boring bits!; any relevant documents and links can be shared and accessed instantly rather than relying on my scrappy notes and so all in all a much better use of my time and I would guess the person delivering the meetings time as well.

For the afternoon I actually went into work for only the second time this week. An afternoon of more emails, admin and banking; all pretty straight forward.

Once home I had a few more work things to catch up on; a butchers order to place online and a new exercise mat to order.

And that was today!

Take care out there.

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