Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Back to Work

Day 315...

So today was my first day in work this week. The warmer temperature and rain overnight had resulted in the majority of the snow disappearing and we were back to normal. 

So I spent the morning in work and it was a chance to catch up with my deputy manager and team to plan the remainder of the week having missed two days. Then it was the usual bits of admin before making a start on the review of all our policies and procedures!!

I had the afternoon off and after nipping to a local supermarket on the way home I arrived to find Simon using his lunch hour to cast some helmet parts. He's had a few requests of late for either helmets or parts of helmets and so was making best use of his time.

My afternoon then consisted of a little home admin, some coffee and some jigsaw time. 

And that has been my day. I am trying to avoid too much news at the moment as it is simply too depressing. I need to be able to see a way out of this current lockdown but our government seem completely inept at coming up with a way to make that happen. It appears that they are revelling in the fact that we are in such a sorry state rather than coming up with a clear and decisive way forward. So for now I will limit my exposure to help keep my sanity.

Take care out there.

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