Thursday, 7 January 2021

Frosty & Cold

Day 295...

Today was my only non-work day of the week for this week and I was very glad to be staying indoors in the warmth as it was rather cold and frosty today.

Although I did nip outside to take a few photos because everywhere looked so pretty. But I don't think we got out of minus temperature figures today.

My morning was taken up with a few odd jobs; ironing, updating some information online, dusting and a little prep work ahead of podcast recording this afternoon.

Simon and I decided to take a walk out across the fields at lunchtime managing a very chilly couple of miles in about 40 minutes. It was cold, very frosty and quite foggy.
Usual beautiful view was completely 'fogged out' today
Chilly sheep, at least they have lovely warm coats!!
After thawing out and armed with a hot coffee I jumped online with my podcast co-host Michelle to record a couple of Disney Dream Girls shows; one for our Patreon supporters and the other our regular show which will be out on Sunday.

I then I decided to enjoy another coffee and to start on a new jigsaw; it was a Christmas present and is suitably Christmas themed. I've managed to get the outside completed with just one piece missing so it's time to start sorting and hope I find it. At least I'm going to have the time to do it over the next few weeks! If it's anything like lockdown one I may get quite a few jigsaws completed!

Take care out there.

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