Saturday, 30 January 2021

Slow Saturday

Day 318...

Here we are at the weekend once more, another weekend with nothing to do and no where to go.

We decided to take a walk out late morning and walked into the next village. We stopped by a small cafe; a restaurant that is now doing take-away coffee and cakes, to pick up a coffee to accompany us on our walk back home. This is now turning into the highlight of our weekend.

Chatting to the cafe owners they are managing to stay afloat and are extremely grateful for all the support from those who live local. But even they have had a brush with the police...apparently there had been a complaint about the queue of people waiting to be served. So just to give you an idea, the area from which they serve coffee and cake is only big enough for one or two adults at best. So it is a case of one person goes in at a time and anyone else has to wait outside on the pavement. But apparently the complaint was that people were not staying far enough apart...really?! So the owners had the police pay them a visit asking them to control their customers. Well first they would have no idea from inside their cafe how many people were waiting never mind how far apart they were. Upshot is that they have had to place notices outside to remind people to keep apart...this feels so petty as I'm pretty sure most people have been doing their level best to queue responsibly!! 

So we managed a walk of just over 3 and a half miles and it was rather chilly and windy and I was glad to get back home and into the warmth and another coffee!

The afternoon was a mix of online grocery shopping, placing an online butchers order and completing my latest jigsaw...that had one piece missing! Simon has been working on an art commission while attempting to 3D print the last component for his R2D2 build. The printer is proving to be a bit temperamental at the moment so fingers crossed it's now working to get this last print completed. Although I do think he is probably due a new printer as this one was bought for the lowest cost possible, was one that he had to assemble himself and he then had to print extra parts for. It was bought as a test to see whether or not it would prove this was now a fair few years ago I think we can confidently say it's been useful!!

And I am ending the day making keto meat pie...I know it's so 'rock 'n' roll' but I guess this is how life is now...rinse and repeat...same day after same day.

Take care out there.

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