Sunday, 3 January 2021

Christmas Lights Away

Day 291...

Well another quiet day and the last day of my Christmas break.

After updating my online grocery order the main focus of the day was to take down our outdoor Christmas decorations and lights. So we had candy cane lights, Christmas tree shaped lights, door wreath, small trees, baubles in trees, a swag, multiple strings of lights and three blow molds all to disconnect and store for the next 11 months.

I did decide to leave some of the string lights up in our back garden as these are just plain lights that go down each side of the garden and into a couple of bushes. I think these will brighten up in the garden but by leaving them on static rather than twinkly mode they won't look like Christmas lights.

Back in the warmth it was time for a little Disney research prior to recording this weeks show with my co-host Michelle for the Disney Dream Girls podcast. We chatted about some news and history as well as looking forward into 2021 and what maybe coming new to Walt Disney World. Hopefully the Disney parks will be able to carry on with their plans for new attractions and begin to open up more as we move forward and, fingers crossed, we begin to get a control of this virus situation.

Not long after recording it was time for this weeks Disney Quiz via Zoom. I was tasked with writing the questions this week and they were supposed to be all about the new live action version of Mulan, however as I haven't yet seen the film I had to come up with something different. I'd hoped to get the movie watched at some point last week but the time seemed to have escaped me. But having played so many board games the last few days I decided to use some of the questions from the Disney Trivia game as this weeks questions which worked really well. But next week it will be questions on Mulan so I really need to find the time to watch the movie.

And that is where my Sunday draws to a close, as well as my break from work. We are back to work tomorrow and while there are calls for schools to close and further, tougher lockdowns, we will be back until the powers that be tell us otherwise.

Take care out there.

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