Thursday, 14 January 2021

Slightly Snowy Thursday

Day 302...

Well I think this is going to be a short post today as I really haven't done very much.

This was my other non-working day of the week (I only do a three day week) and surprisingly I had nothing planned (note the heavy sarcasm intended here!).

The morning was spent catching up on some of my personal admin and some household chores and by late morning the rain had turned to snow and by lunchtime it was starting to settle. As Simon broke for lunch we decided against our usual walk because of the weather; just too wet, cold and very slushy underfoot.

The snow continued until early afternoon but never really amounted to much. When I jumped online with my friend and podcast co-host, Michelle, I discovered that where she lives they had proper snow, so much so that the school where she works had called a 'snow day'.

So we had a little catch-up before we recorded this weeks Disney Dream Girls show. We chatted with friend of the show Seth Kubersky who writes for 'The Official Guides' series of books and is able to get to the Florida parks a couple of times a week. It was lovely to chat with him and find out what it's like to visit Walt Disney World and Universal Studios at the moment.

After recording I grabbed the last of the daylight and finally managed to finish my latest jigsaw...

...I think I may need to find another one to do...only ones I have though are Christmas themed ones...Oh well, never mind, they will have to do!

The day was finished off with a little trip to the 'gym'...well, for Simon anyway. While I just stuck to some light weights and my bodyweight exercises; second time this week so getting back into the swing of it slowly!

Another day done, stay safe out there.

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