Saturday, 9 January 2021

Another Weekend

Day 297...

So we have another weekend roll on by, another weekend with no where to go and nothing much to do...back on the rinse and repeat rollercoaster of life.

Inevitably this led to a rather slow and steady start to the day, with no real impetus for us to get up and moving. Molly is back to having her guitar lessons via Zoom, as are her karate classes, so life continues inside the four walls of our house and by staying 'local'.

Simon has been tinkering on and off throughout the day with his R2D2 build, getting more of the smaller parts into place. He's also completed some minor repairs to his 3D printer. When he bought the printer he went for a cheaper model as he didn't want to spend a lot of money and then find he didn't use it. He had to assemble the printer himself and even had to 3D print parts for it and it has lasted him really well, it's been used extensively for the past few years and along the way he has become rather handy at keeping it working.

Mid-afternoon we took a walk out over the fields in the sunshine...the rather chilly sunshine and the very muddy and squelchy fields; thank goodness for our wellies!

We did notice quite a lot of people out walking today and I must admit the devil inside of me wanted to ask everyone if they were staying 'local'! And on our walk back we bumped into my brother...well I say 'bumped into' he was actually driving home and just happened to spot us and so stopped for a quick chat. Scarily this was the first time I've seen my brother in I can't remember when and he only lives a couple of miles away - how ridiculous and awful is that and all because of the current situation.

So whatever you may be doing, wherever you are, stay safe.

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