Thursday, 21 January 2021

Thursday at Home

Day 309...

So Thursday's are my other non-work day of the week and it has been relatively quiet - no surprise there then.

The morning started with a very early delivery from the online butchers I use. So after we'd had breakfast and were moving about my first job was to unpack and sort the order ready for freezing. Unfortunately I was missing part of my order...some sirloin steaks and instead I had received a rump roast joint. I emailed them to let them know and within a couple of hours they had replied, apologised and are sending the missing steaks out today and they will be with me tomorrow. Fantastic response!

A big chunk of my day has been spent doing more of my current jigsaw; I'd sorted a lot of pieces out yesterday which meant over the course of the day I have been able to fill in quite a lot of space. Lunchtime came around and saw us take a blustery walk out through the village, just a half hour walk today.

Later this afternoon I hooked up online with my Disney Dream Girls podcast co-host Michelle, to record a show ready for releasing this weekend. We had a lovely guest to chat with, an author by the name of Jim Korkis who writes all about Disney. He has an amazing portfolio of published books covering everything from Walt's life to the movies to the theme parks and even the Disney Cruise Line. His passion and knowledge of all things Disney is astounding and it was a joy to chat with him and to simply sit back and listen to him speak.

At the end of the day we decided we were in need of a little gym workout so Simon departed to the garage while I preferred the comfort of the living room and my new exercise mat!

And there we have the day, a day when our government have announced that the chance of coming out of lockdown before Spring is not looking likely - what?! Really?! I appreciate that the death rate is bad at the moment but the actual number of cases is coming what is going to be the definitive reason for being able to come out of lockdown? Do they even know?

The WHO have changed their criteria only yesterday for defining a positive test by recognising that tests need to be performed at the correct levels (or number of cycles) in order to reduce the error rate (i.e. false positives) and should ideally have a clinical diagnosis. So it will be interesting to see if our government recognise and follow this recommendation. 

There is so much information out there and I will admit that I am now looking beyond our main stream media for what is happening. The main TV channels in the UK seem to only want to scare us and don't seem to be questioning anything that we are getting told . Where have the investigative journalists gone? But then again when there is an Ofcom mandate in place to only publish the government message we don't stand a chance.

Take care, wherever you are.

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