Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Day 294

Day 294...

So another day at work and I think today was technically the first day of lockdown number three.

A fairly standard day at work with not much to report. We have lower than expected numbers of children attending as some parents have opted to not send their little ones which is understandable. I think it is a very confusing time for a lot of people; why are nurseries and pre-schools open but schools are shut?

We are being scared by big numbers and one-sided reporting yet this lockdown is still not as strict as it was back in March and April of last year. When we went into that lockdown almost everything stopped, I remember taking walks out or driving to collect my grocery shop and everywhere was eerily quiet. But today driving the short distance to and from work was not that different to normal. Yes passing the local secondary school this morning was much quieter but the main motorway that I drive over was as busy as it has been recently. On the way home I encountered a traffic queue where I wouldn't normally and although the local primary school was quieter there were definitely more people around than back in lockdown one. So numbers are worse than last time but the response is weaker? Like I said all very confusing.

But back to normality and once home I had a butchers delivery to organise. During the first lockdown I started using an online butchers to order our meat as it was easier, better quality and cheaper for buying in bulk. So today I received 5kg of chicken, 3kg of steak mince, 2.7kg of bacon, 100 sausages, some packs of burgers and a few sirloin steaks. All of which needed bagging into meal sized portions and then putting in the freezer; one of those jobs that always takes longer than you think it should. But now it means we have lots of lovely keto and low carb and carnivorous meals to look forward to.

But as I type this we have confirmation that the lockdown here has been retrospectively approved by parliament and meanwhile in the US Trump supporters are storming the capitol building in what some are reporting as an attempted coup. What has our world come to at the moment? In the UK our freedoms are being eroded and in the US they are trying to destroy their democracy - and we thought 2020 was a horrible year, 2021 hasn't started that great!

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, please stay safe.

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