Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Middle of the Week

Day 308...

This morning was spent in work getting on top of some policy amendments along with a few emails that needed sending out to all and sundry. It was a productive morning before I headed home for an afternoon off.

Once home, and after a spot of lunch, I will confess to completing a little more work...a census to complete that was only available to complete online today and needed to be done by tomorrow. Tomorrow is my second non-working day of the week so thought I might as well get this short task completed and out the way.

Then my afternoon was spent chatting with a few friends via WhatsApp, sorting jigsaw pieces and listening to the inauguration of Joe Biden. Simon had the inauguration on live stream while he worked and it was uplifting to listen to the whole proceeding; there were some wonderful words spoken and Lady Gaga singing the national anthem was amazing, and she looked fabulous too. It does feel like the dawn of a new era and a return to some sort of semblance of normality as far as American politics goes, and hopefully there will be a knock-on effect around the world too.

We have watched an awful lot of American media over these last four years. I remember waking up to hear that Trump had won the election back in 2016 and truly not believing it was real and couldn't fathom how anyone could have possibly voted for him. We have then kept track of everything that his presidency brought and were left flabbergasted and frustrated most of the time. And while Biden may not be the most progressive politician out there he has the gravitas of someone who knows what a politician should do, and how to do it, and he has assembled a diverse set of officials around him. Let's now get back to grown-up politics and sort out the mess that the world currently finds itself in.

Whatever you are doing, wherever you maybe, take care.

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