Thursday, 28 January 2021

Thursday in Work

Day 316...

Normally Thursday is my second non-working day of the week but this morning I received a message from my deputy manager to say she wasn't well enough to come into work. That meant a quick change of clothes and a wizz around to get out the house and into work on time...especially important as I have the keys!

But I made it with time to spare and had a pretty standard day in work. There was the usual emails to catch up with, a little banking and more importantly the wages to sort!

I arrived home this afternoon just in time to take delivery of my weekly order from a local dairy as well as an Amazon package and I walked in to be greeted by a fresh pot of coffee! It was then a quick change and time to get organised to hook up online with my podcast co-host Michelle as we had an episode to record.

I spent a lovely hour or so chatting with Michelle; we put the world to rights and then recorded an episode for the Disney Dream Girls which will be released this Sunday.

We rounded out the day with a little home workout; Simon down the 'gym', aka our garage, and me in the living room with an exercise mat, a few light weights and music playing.

Another day done, another day trying to avoid the media and the depression...just keep on keeping on!

Take care out there.

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