Sunday, 17 January 2021

Sunday, Sunday

Day 305...

And we have Sunday and as seems to be the theme to this weekend it was another very slow and steady start to the day.

I had the usual job of updating my online grocery order ready for collecting tomorrow. Simon has continued with the electronic components of his R2D2 build on and off throughout the day; he is figuring out where to install all the necessary switches and cables for the lights and sounds inside the dome in a way that will still enable the dome to move.

I decided to have a bit of a re-sort of my wardrobe. Having had new wardrobes back in September and having lived with them for a few months I decided that I needed to move things around. So it was a case of emptying sections of cupboards and drawers and then deciding the best places for them to go back.

Mid-afternoon we took a walk out and decided to go visit my dad. He only lives a mile away so it was a quick walk there and back but we had to dodge around all the other walkers; and yet again we've never seen so many people out and about, but as I've said before - what else can people do at the moment?

Once home I finished re-organising my wardrobe before settling down for an hour or so of our regular Disney quiz hosted by the Disney Dream Girls podcast I co-host. It was good fun as always to check-in with our regular group and attempt to answer some questions; didn't do too badly this week as I think I came second!

Another day, another Sunday done. Take care out there.

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