Friday, 29 January 2021

Finally Friday

Day 317...

Thank goodness it's Friday!

It has been a strange old week what with two snow days for pre-school at the beginning of the week and then having to work yesterday when I don't ordinarily so getting to today I had to double check what day it actually was!

Thankfully I was up and about at my usual time and in to work as normal. A pretty standard sort of day; emails, banking, admin and the same.

Once home and with a coffee in hand I did a couple of more work emails before taking an hour to make a little more progress on my jigsaw.

When Simon finished work we decided to watch this week's episode of WandaVision on Disney +; this started off as a bit of a slow burn with not very much being given away but I am very pleased to report that episode four out today certainly makes watching the previous episodes worthwhile and is beginning to answer a lot of the questions that the initial episodes left us with.

And there we have Friday...just like any other Friday at the moment. It really is hard not being able to see an end to what we are going through and not having the confidence that those with the power seem to know what they are doing. Will this become the new normal that every time we have a new disease, or every time the flu season looks to be tougher than normal, that we will be expected to endure more lockdowns.

Will lockdowns and masks become just a thing we do? But why? Plenty of evidence and papers out there that counter the current mantra and anyone with an inquisitive mind surely has to question the one sided narrative that we are being fed. There are always two sides to any argument, and probably more besides, so surely it is common sense to presume that as we have moved through this past year we need to ask questions. We need to have other opinions be heard. We need to educate ourselves and determine whether we are being told everything or just what governments want us to be told. As we learn more about this virus and we have more data to examine we must surely learn, adapt and move forward even if that means admitting mistakes and changing our approach.

Well whatever is happening wherever you may be, just take care.

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