Monday, 4 January 2021

Here we go again!!

Day 292...

And it was back to work today, and we had an Inset Day which meant that while the staff were in and working we had no children in attendance.

The work day was spent sorting out storage. We had two new container units erected before we broke for Christmas and so today was all about fitting all of our equipment, resources and furniture inside them. I then had a number of emails to send, a few to follow up on as well as a little banking to catch up with.

We collected our grocery shopping a little later than normal today to allow for me being at work today when normally Monday would be one of my two non-working days.

The rest of the day has been filled with chatter and speculation regarding the Covid crisis; are we going into a new tier system? Will all of England be in Tier 4? Or will we be in a national (England) lockdown? Scotland this afternoon announced that they would be heading into a legally enforceable national lockdown as from midnight with all schools being closed - is it me or does this sound a little like martial law? Since when have we, here in the UK, had our civil liberties so drastically infringed? I'm all for doing my bit for the greater good but at times it is now feeling a tad heavy handed.

So we await further information from our Prime Minister this evening...and then we await the fallout. How will this affect us all? Will we still be able to go to work? What will be happening with schools? Will they make any reference to my sector, the early years, or will we be expected to make it up as we go along? How much notice will we be given until this all takes affect? So many questions and I'm not convinced that we will be any the wiser after the announcement.

So I am off to hear what has to be said and I will check in again tomorrow with my thoughts.

Take care out there,

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