Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Working Tuesday

Day 307...

The first working day of my week today.

And an actual day in work as well. A chance for a catch-up between myself and my deputy manager followed by the usual responding to emails, some banking and then updating some policies and starting to write a newsletter.

Once home there wasn't much else to do except have a coffee and have a little 'me time' by starting on my next jigsaw. As I had sorted all the straight edges yesterday I had just enough time before the natural daylight vanished to complete the outside edge. 

Simon has been making some more tweeks to his R2D2 build as last night he was able to 3D print a part to hold the power supply inside the dome. This evening it was time to attach the new part and ensure that the dome would still rotate which it did successfully. Now my help was needed to ensure that the position of the 'radar eye' was correct; a case of comparing reference photos to Simon's model and trying to get the best match possible!

Plenty of reference materials!
The part in question that needs attaching to the front of the dome
So with the positioning sorted we needed to mark it out with some masking tape before Simon could glue it to the dome...and fingers crossed it holds!

Well I think that's today done, time to sit back and chill with some TV I think.

Take care out there.

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