Monday, 1 February 2021

Usual Monday

Day 320...

So another Monday has rolled around and it was pretty much like any other Monday at the moment.

We had our weekly grocery shopping to collect and whilst at the store I nipped in to see their Community Champion. Jon has been brilliant over the last few years supporting pre-school in our endeavours and this has continued throughout the past 10 months. He is gutted that he can no longer visit us and all the other local charities he supports, but he is still able to provide us with supplies. 

I came away with a trolley full of goodies for our various upcoming fundraisers; we have plenty of Easter eggs and chocolate, we have prizes for our upcoming raffle, prizes for an upcoming children's creative competition and even some treats for Valentines Day. Next week he will be providing us with some Chinese foods as we celebrate Chinese New Year.

Once home Simon was busy completing the Mandalorian helmet he had molded yesterday. And by the end of the day it had been completed, paid for and posted!

We took a walk out in the gorgeous, if a little chilly, sunshine managing 4.2 miles in about an hour and twenty minutes. I then spent some of the afternoon researching wooden floors as we still need to sort the flooring out in the bedroom after having had new wardrobes fitted last year. As well as new windows as our wooden frames are beginning to show plenty of wear and tear and really need updating.

And that was another Monday done. Another day with nothing much to report.

Take care out there.

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