Monday, 11 January 2021

Hello Monday!

Day 299...

So another week and another Monday.

My usual non-working day of the week and it started as most Monday's do with a trip to collect my online grocery shop.

Simon has been busy making Mandalorian helmets over the weekend and we had one to drop off local and three others to send out by post. So it was a case of packing up, weighing and working out postage costs. We have definitely seen an increase in prices especially when sending overseas and we had two to price up for sending to the US.

Once we had those sorted and all the shopping put away we decided to go out for a walk and although chilly and a little rain at times it didn't stop us completing 4.2 miles in one hour and seventeen minutes. Not only did the walk 'blow away the cobwebs' it also gave us chance to chat and put the world to rights, because what else are we going to do?!

The afternoon was spent working on my jigsaw...and I am pretty please with the amount I've been able to complete in just a couple of hours!

And there we have another Monday, a quiet day again because we simply cannot do anything or go anywhere. There are reports of people sitting on benches being fined, of having a coffee while out for a walk being deemed to be a picnic and therefore not allowed and of others being fined for being out twice in one day...I am at a loss for what our supposedly civilised society is turning into. 

Stay safe out there.

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