Saturday, 2 January 2021

Tidy Up

Day 290...

Well yesterday's post was so late I think it was technically posted today...just after midnight in fact.

Our day yesterday had been very chilled and relaxed, we had been out for a muddy and squelchy walk (very pleased with my new welly boots), Simon had tinkered with the electronics in his R2D2 and after a lovely roast beef dinner we had settled down for an evening of board games.

Molly won the first game of Disney Trivia, we had a few mini games of 'Heads Up' and then we got stuck into the Game of Life - Disney's Haunted Mansion version which took us a lot longer than I think we had anticipated but I did manage to win it!

Today has been another steady day and reluctantly we took down the Christmas decorations which I hate. Now I don't mind the physical activity of taking them down and putting them away but it's the emotional aspect.  
A rather appropriate Mickey drawn by Simon, on this day 10 years ago, as part of his
365 Mickeys project
I do love Christmas and all that goes with it and always look forward to getting everywhere decorated at the end of November each year and seeing it all disappear feels very melancholic to me. It signifies that the festivities are over and that work is just around the corner along with the cold and relatively boring month of January. I suppose this year with things being as they are it grates even more so when no end to what we are going through can be seen.

But we have been able to get everything taken down, packed away and put back in the loft in just a few hours this afternoon. We have yet to put away our outside lights and that will be a job for tomorrow I think. And as we had snow this afternoon it seemed quite appropriate to leave out the lights in the snow.
Tiki in the snow with tinsel of course!

Love these blow molds, will be sad to see them put away
Well it's been a productive day if a little emotional for soppy old me. I think we may have another board game to play tonight. This time it's one we've not played before and one that I bought just as we went into the first lockdown back in March...Disney's Villainous...I will report back tomorrow as to how it went.

Take care wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing.

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