Saturday, 23 October 2021

Day 584

Day 584...

It was an early start for a Saturday as Simon had a haircut booked for 8.30am!

But this did mean that once Simon was back home we had the whole day ahead of us. First job was to get out and sweep up the leaves that seemed to have appeared over the last few days, so armed with brush, snow shovel (ideal for scooping up large amounts of leaves) and a leaf blower we set to. It didn't take us too long and we also managed to spray some weedkiller over the moss that has also appeared in our block paving.

Back inside the warmth and Simon had a little electronics project he wanted to have a go at. One of his friends loves retro video games and had asked Simon whether he could make a custom game controller. Simon being up for the challenge had asked his friend to send him the internal parts and he would then have a go at sorting the electronics as well as build the box to house them. And with a little tinkering and a little internet help he was able to get all the wiring in place and working.

This afternoon we jumped in Molly's car with her and Dan and headed in search of a few bits for her new car; she wanted some car mats and some other bits as well as looking to see whether she could update the car stereo. As the car is around 10 years old the existing stereo won't support any USB or AUX devices so we wanted to get her upgraded so she can have her music of choice with her wherever she goes. There are a couple of options out there and we got a little excited when we were told her car had the space for a touch screen version but unfortunately it didn't have an inbuilt AUX facility and so we are left with a little more research to do online.

Molly also needed to get the reversing light bulb replaced so while her and Dan waited to get that sorted Simon and I walked over to the local Starbucks; one mile and 19 minutes later we were enjoying a coffee. Molly and Dan came over to join us but told us that they had been unable to update the light bulb as they couldn't remove the casing around the light fitting and recommended finding a local garage who could sort it. Having looked at the fitting when we got home Simon is going to have a try tomorrow to see if he has any appropriate tools that will do the job!

Molly and Dan then set about cleaning their respective cars although the afternoon light soon cut short  their efforts and although the outsides have been done the insides will need to wait till daylight tomorrow.

So while they worked hard cleaning cars Simon and I worked hard making keto pizza! Oh and I may have ordered myself a new pair of Dr Martens boots...well they were in the sale so it would have been rude not to! This will be my third pair of DM's; such good quality and so comfy!

Well we have keto pizza almost ready to eat so I best sign off for the day.

See you tomorrow.

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