Saturday, 9 October 2021

Day 570

Day 570...

Saturday was upon us once more and after a pretty rubbish nights sleep I dragged myself out of bed to get on with the day at hand.

Our first job was to stop by pre-school so that Simon could take a look at the gate to the property as we wanted to extend it to make it more secure. Luckily we had a large piece of plywood already but we needed to figure out a way to attach it securely.

With that done it was time for Molly to drive us over to her guitar lesson, another chance for her to get some driving practice as the big day of her test looms closer. While Molly strummed away we headed over to a DIY store to pick up the necessary bits of hardware for the modifications to pre-school's gate, before grabbing a much needed Starbucks.

Molly drove us home and then we grabbed all the tools that we thought we might need and headed straight back out to pre-school to sort the gate out. We wanted to attach an extra strip of wood to the bottom of the gate but as the ground slopes we needed the extra piece to be either removable or flippable so that the gate could still open fully.

Thanks to Simon's know-how and a little ingenuity plus the ability of me to hold things, pass things, apply a plaster when needed and make coffee we achieved what we set out to do. The extra piece has been attached with hinges so that the piece can be flipped up or down depending on the circumstances. We also attached some hooks to keep the piece in place when in either the up or down position.


I think we were both quite pleased, and a little surprised, that in just over a couple of hours the work was done and looking pretty smart if we do say so. Thankfully everything went smoothly except for applying the hinges on the wrong side of the wood but that was easily rectified and all that needs doing now is a coat of blackboard paint so that it fits in with the rest of the gate.

Then Molly had another chance to get a little driving practice in as Ethan needed a lift into Nottingham to join up with some work friends to help celebrate a stag night; we await either a call to have a lift home or to be woken when he stumbles in later! Although I think it will probably be the former; Ethan is a quiet sole and so a 'night out on the town' is probably not really his 'thing' but we will see.

So while Ethan is living it large on a night out in the city we will be making, and enjoying, some keto pizza before we have a night in front of the TV.

See you all tomorrow.

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