Saturday, 2 October 2021

Day 563

Day 563...

And we have another weekend and today we...okay Simon...had an early start as he was booked in at the barbers for 7.45am!

I had two jobs that I wanted to get done before we did anything else today. First was to update our grocery shopping ahead of pick-up tomorrow morning and second was to find out where the delivery that I was expecting yesterday evening had gotten to.

The grocery shop was pretty straight forward although I am getting a little bored now of the same products not being in stock week after week. They also seem to have scaled back their choice of some ranges so suffice to say I have a second shopping list on the go ready for when I can make an in person visit to a different supermarket.

The items that I'd not received yesterday were not for me but for pre-school and were some new technology that we'd received a grant to buy so they were not cheap. According to the delivery company they had delivered the items yesterday evening and had a photo of said delivery that was very dark and simply showed someone's feet in dark stripy socks! Evidently they were not my feet.

As I didn't discover this till late yesterday evening I had to wait until this morning to be able to chat to someone online. The annoying thing was that neither the courier company not the company I'd ordered from had any obvious ways of getting in touch. But I started an online chat with the selling company and after about ten minutes of waiting and poking around their website looking for a phone number or an email I found a complaints email address. So while I waited to see if anyone would 'chat' online I sent a complaints email, to which I received an automated reply saying they would be in touch within 48 hours!

After waiting 20 minutes I finally managed to speak to someone online; they were actually very helpful and lovely to chat with and reassured me that they would get the matter sorted. They needed to get in touch with the delivery company and set up an investigation but said they would be in touch via email. The great thing was that about fifteen minutes later I received an email to confirm what they were doing and the timescales involved.

We had Molly at her guitar lesson later on this morning and she was able to drive us over there and practice her reverse parking when we arrived. We nipped over to a local Starbucks for coffee while she had her lesson and took advantage of the petrol station on site to fill up the car. We genuinely needed to fill up as we were almost out but the garage had quite sensibly put signs up asking customers to limit their purchases to £30 which we were more than happy to do...although Simon did manage to go over by 34 pence! This does now mean that we have enough petrol to get Molly out and about practicing over the next week as her test date is almost upon us!

On the way home we stopped by my dad's to see how he was and to help him re-set his i-pad as it had decided to just power off and didn't want to power back on. Not sure what had happened as Molly picked it up, held the power switch down and hey presto one working i-pad! The good thing is that the skin condition that my dad has been suffering with since his second vaccine seems to be clearing up. Back in May the condition had gotten so bad that his skin was constantly flaking and bleeding but an intensive course of steroids had cleared it up but only for a few weeks. He'd put up with it for a few more weeks before being able to see someone at his doctors which resulted in another course of steroids which so far seem to be doing the trick and he looks better than he has in a fair few months. He has an appointment with dermatology but not until late December...fingers crossed he's gotten over the worst of it.

Back home and discovered we had a voice mail from a house local to us; they had a parcel belonging to us. And sure enough after popping round we discovered that the delivery we were missing had in fact been given to one of our 'neighbours' who hadn't realised till this morning that it wasn't for them. 

I then had some pre-school work to complete while Simon spent some time working on another digital art piece. Simon then decided to get the wood stain out as yesterday he'd been able to reinstate a skirting board following the repairs to our water damaged wall which needed a little touch-up. And while he did that I had the exciting job of filing paperwork and sorting laundry - whoop!

Then as it was now quite late on in the afternoon we decided that while Simon continued on with his digital artwork we would watch another episode of the Disney + show 'Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom' which is turning out to be rather fascinating.

So with all that done it is now time to stop, and perhaps find a movie to watch.

See you tomorrow.

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