Sunday, 3 October 2021

Day 564

Day 564...

Another Sunday and I think a fairly short blog post today.

We had the usual grocery shop to go and fetch first thing and once we were home and everything packed away we didn't really have any plans for the remainder of the day.

We were still waiting for the wood that Simon had stained yesterday to dry so that was stopping us from re-organising the bathroom. So with no real plan in mind we thought we would take advantage of the bright, but blustery, day and go on a walk. An hour and 48 minutes later and we had completed one of our longest walks in a long while, a total of 5.6 miles and boy could I feel it in my legs. Although it did make my back feel loads better!

The remainder of the afternoon was spent rather quiet and in front of the telly watching the remaining episodes of the Disney + show 'Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom'. And while I did that Simon finished his latest art commission.

And that was our Sunday...a very quiet day.

See you tomorrow.

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