Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Day 573

Day 573...

Today was another Tuesday and another day with the morning spent in work and the afternoon at home.

The morning was all pretty standard sort of stuff with the usual admin bits and bobs and then it was home to grab a bite to eat before more car research for Molly.

Between Molly and I we had found a couple of cars that were within Molly's budget and so Molly had messaged the dealers yesterday to see if the cars were still available and whether we could pop over to see them. Well one dealer started off all positive but then went very quiet. The other dealer didn't respond initially but seemed to wake-up mid-morning and was happy for us to go and visit...the only problem was we couldn't figure out where they were located as we had two different post codes and then we found some reviews. The reviews were not good and as they were a thirty minute drive away we decided not to pursue them any further!

So it was back to the laptop to see what else we could find. We found a couple of cars at a dealers that were in the right price bracket, the insurance was doable and the write-ups on the cars sounded very appealing. Realising the dealer was only 8 miles away we decided to take a chance and we jumped in my car and headed over there. We found the dealer really easily, in fact they were exactly where I thought they would be...the only problem was that the dealership had closed, the car lot was empty and there was a 'To Rent' sign!

It didn't seem that we were having much luck so it was back home for a coffee and yet more laptop time. Well, we have found a couple of cars, and both are close to where we are. One car won't be available until the end of the week but the other car, after making contact with the dealer, is still available. Molly messaged the dealer and asked if we could possibly see the car today...but then everything went quiet! But about an hour later Molly's phone rang and it was the dealer wanting to chat about when she could go and see the car!. He was very chatty and told Molly a little more about the car and we have now said we will visit on Friday afternoon to see if it's the car for her.

It's all very exciting and now Molly just needs to make sure she can get the insurance sorted at a good price and then just maybe she may have a car to call her own!

We had a quick 'gym' workout this evening before Molly jumped online with her girlfriends. One positive that has been taken forward out of lockdown is the use of Zoom...this means that Molly and her 'squad' can all get together despite the fact that they all now live in different parts of the country because of work and study.

See you tomorrow.

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