Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Day 566

Day 566...

And we have a Tuesday and a day of a morning in work and an afternoon at home.

The morning was relatively straight forward although I didn't get an awful lot of time doing 'my work' as I seemed to be helping out 'on the floor' with the children. As the end of the morning session rolled around I began to help with moving equipment ready for the afternoon session. As our afternoons are quieter than the mornings we adapt the equipment and the space to suit the needs of the children that we have in. I was happily moving things around when I moved a bench and inadvertently moved it a little more forcibly, and ultimately a little further, than I'd intended; the result was a trapped finger! Oops!

Then I realised that in trapping my finger I'd thankfully not really hurt my finger but the rings on my finger had gotten so squashed that they were no longer round but more oval shaped and squished onto my finger rather tightly. My first thought was that I needed to get them off in case they were now too tight for my finger, my second thought was 'how on earth am I going to do that without cutting them off?'. The rings were so distorted in shape I couldn't see how they were going to move let alone pass over my knuckle.

But with the application of cold water and a little washing up liquid the first ring, my engagement ring, came off my finger; it wasn't easy but it was off. 

However the next ring was a little more stubborn and no amount of lubrication could get it moving. I managed to move it towards my knuckle but I think a combination of its new shape plus my finger that was by now swelling in reaction to all the pushing and shoving meant it wasn't going any further. I really began to think the only way it was moving was if it was cut off, thankfully one of my staff suggested pliers! I was able to squeeze the pliers around the ring so that it was more of an amenable shape and would move over my knuckle.

My finger remains a little puffy but is otherwise okay and thankfully my wedding ring was undamaged. I now just have the job of finding somewhere that can, hopefully, repair them for me.

This afternoon I was able to take Molly out for a drive and we managed about an hour out and about and yet again she did really well. I had a little admin work for pre-school to catch-up on with some resources to order online and before I knew it Simon was finishing work for the day and it was time to head down 'the gym'. We are still using our homemade gym in our garage and can see no reason why we would want, or need, to go back to paying out a membership for an actual gym!

And there we have today, see you all tomorrow.

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