Saturday, 30 October 2021

Day 591

Day 591...

A Saturday once again and there was a change to the usual proceedings. Today Molly was able to drive herself to her guitar lesson...her last guitar lesson before she moves down to Dans!

And while Molly headed towards Derby for her lesson Simon and I headed towards Nottingham for a little DIY shopping. Simon has another little project on the go making a retro game controller for one of his friends and having sorted the electronics he is now busy building the box for the electrics to sit in. So we were out buying wood, getting it cut to size and picking up some new drill bits. And I couldn't resist a look around the Christmas decorations and came away with some scented sticks to hang off our Christmas tree that are cinnamon scented.

We then decided to pop into Nottingham city centre as I wanted to nip to Primark to see if they had the coat I'd tried on the other day but not bought...when I should have bought it!! But alas they did not, although we did get chance to look at a few more Disney Christmas pieces but I decided against them as the quality wasn't all that great. We then took the time to stop for a coffee and a chat before heading home.

On the way back we stopped by a local company that specialises in outdoor buildings as we may be looking to have one at some point next year and wanted to see up close what they looked like. They are really nice but not cheap so we will have to have a think about what we need and whether we can afford it. We also found a little shop that sold all sorts of stuff; a proper menagerie of things including vinyl records so we enquired whether they would be interested in buying our vinyl collection. Basically they will have a look at what we have and give us a price and then we can decided to take their offer or keep the vinyl. I think we now have a project for the new year to go through what we have, keep those that are special to us and sell the rest.

Once home it was time for me to complete my online grocery shopping while Simon and Molly set about sorting a couple of issues with her car. First job was easy as we had bought some clips to attach the rear parcel shelf into place but the second job was a little more tricky as it involved getting into the rear lighting unit in order to change a bulb. We think that the car may have had a bump on the rear corner that had caused some of the fittings to be a little bent so there was an amount of drilling out that Simon had to do but after a short while, and a little ingenuity, he was able to get into the unit. He and Molly then went in search of a replacement bulb.

Unfortunately the replacement bulb didn't resolve the problem; thankfully it is only the reversing light which while not ideal is not a requirement to have. Our best guess is that either there is some damage in the wiring or the housing unit for that bulb...if we can't sort it ourselves it will need to go to a garage so we are just trying to do all that we can to avoid paying out stupid costs.

With all the car stuff done Simon set about assembling the box unit for the retro game controller he is making; he wanted to get the shell glued into place today so that it can be left for 24 hours before completing the next stage tomorrow. While he did that I nipped out to our local Lidl as I had a few bits that I needed that I either hadn't been able to get on my grocery shop to collect tomorrow or were simply much cheaper at Lidl, plus I'd got vouchers that needed to be used!

Another busy day rounded out with the making of keto pizza, red wine, chocolate and some TV time.

See you tomorrow.

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