Monday, 18 October 2021

Day 579

Day 579...

Monday has rolled around once more and with a slight change to normal I found myself in work but only for a short amount of time. I was in covering my deputy manager who needed a little time off first thing, which wasn't a problem.

By 10am I was back home and the majority of the day was spent at home. Simon has been continuing with his latest art commission as well as some work in the garage. I was able to help a little by making coffee, occasionally holding things and then helping tidy up after! 

I inadvertently did a little pre-school work as I'd had a couple of messages pop up in messenger; it was easier to deal with them there and then rather than wait until I was next at work. I also managed a few household chores and made a start on dusting some of my Disney ornaments which I have been putting off doing for way longer than I should. Late afternoon I nipped out for a beauty appointment and then found myself with time on my hands as with Molly being at her fella's place this week we have no taxi service to provide to get her to and from her kickboxing lesson. Although this will become the new norm as in the future Molly will be able to drive herself there and back!!

And there we have Monday...just a short post today but I will be back tomorrow.

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