Sunday, 24 October 2021

Day 585

Day 585...

One more Sunday has rolled around and it was the usual start to a Sunday with a trip out to collect our weekly grocery shop. But excitement was afoot as they had changed how and where we collected our shopping! Please note this is written with heavy sarcasm.

We arrived home to find Molly and Dan carrying on with the cleaning of their cars that they had started yesterday. Molly has been able to remove an unsightly sticker from the rear window of her car and attach a Monsters inc themed sticker, bought for her by Simon, to the outside of her car. She's also been able to get rid of some white marks on the black fascia inside the car so it's all beginning to look a lot smarter.

Simon was hoping to be able to remove the casing around her reversing light so that he would be able to get to the bulb in order to replace it but after lots of attempts it came down to not being able to remove one set of screws because we didn't have the correct size driver. Simon has now ordered the correct sized driver and will see as and when that arrives if he can sort the light rather than having to pay a garage to do it for us!

And while it was all car focused outside I managed to place a butchers order online for delivery later this week. But with all our jobs out the way we were a little lost as to what to do for the remainder of the day. The weather was grey and slightly damp so we weren't in the mood to head out for a walk so in the end I decided to scan in some more of our old photos as I haven't done any for a fair few weeks. 

It's a bit of a long process; scan the photos, edit the photos, upload them to the laptop and then sort them into order and update the details for each individual photo. But I did manage to get the remainder of our 1993 trip to Walt Disney World all catalogued. I still have a lot of albums to work through but it will have to be a case of just doing small batches as and when I have the spare time.

But before I knew it the evening was upon us and it was time for dinner, a glass of red wine and then some time in front of the telly.

See you tomorrow.

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