Friday, 8 October 2021

Day 569

Day 569...

And we have a Friday.

And a full day in work for me. This is the day of the week where my day in work is split between a morning working with the children and an afternoon catching up on some management admin.

I arrived home to a freshly brewed pot of coffee and settled down to get some more pre-school work completed. I needed to write our weekly newsletter that gets sent to parents over the weekend as well as review and update observations to our online learning journal and by early evening I'd achieved all that I wanted to.

In between all of that I also found an hour to take Molly out for another drive; we only have a few days to go before the big day of her test so we are trying to get her out and about as much as possible. She is also now looking for a car for herself and has at least one lined up that she's interested in should she pass her test.

And that was today, another short post as the day just disappeared...roll on the weekend.

See you tomorrow.

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