Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Day 567

Day 567...

So it was the middle of another week and another day split between work and home for me.

The plan at work this morning all revolved around our annual school photo morning. We have an outside company visit, they take lots of lovely photos for parents to buy and the preschool benefits with a little commission. But by 9am the photographer had not arrived and things were not looking good.

A phone call to our contact was met with a 'this phone is switched off' message which meant we then had to contact the head office. They couldn't tell us straight away what was happening but that they would refer the matter over to the local area management team and get back to us. About two hours later we received a call back...and it was not good news.

It transpired that the company had become victim to the impact of the last eighteen months or so. They had lost staff either through redundancy or simply by them leaving after months and months of not being able to work despite the furlough scheme being in place. This had left our local area without staff to look after us and consequently meant there was no-one to send out to us at all. And whilst they were very apologetic it did leave us rather annoyed that the company hadn't had the presence of mind to inform us that our photo session would not be happening. We then had to get in touch with all our parents to explain the situation and apologise! I appreciate the difficulties that they have faced over the last year or so but that does not excuse poor administration practices. I will now have the job of looking elsewhere and figuring out if, and when, we could possibly host another photo morning.

On the plus side the lack of hustle and bustle that comes with a photo morning meant I was able to get caught up on a few admin tasks of my own that I had not been expecting to do.

My afternoon at home consisted of the ever so exciting sorting of laundry along with the ironing of clothes...whoop! But around mid-afternoon I headed off out to the hairdressers as it was time for a new colour and cut! I hadn't got any firm plans of what I wanted doing this happened!

So while Simon helped Molly get to and from her kickboxing lesson...she drove of course...I enjoyed a little 'me time' and spruced up my hair colour.

Molly did really well with her driving again and had her first experience of driving in the dark which involved driving down some unlit country lanes. But as always she took it in her stride and coped admirably with it all.

So it's time to sign off for the day as it's late, I have a glass of wine that needs drinking and the final episode of Marvels' 'What If' to watch.

See you tomorrow.

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