Sunday, 10 October 2021

Day 571

Day 571...

And we have a Sunday and a relatively quiet Sunday.

It started with our usual trip to collect our weekly grocery shop which took us a little longer than normal due to a triathlon taking place around the town where we fetch our shopping from! 

Back home and shopping put away we headed back out the house so that Molly could get some more driving practice completed. She has her test first thing tomorrow morning and so we have everything crossed that she passes; she so deserves to pass as her driving is great and she has put in so many hours practicing her driving. She has driven around areas that I know when I was a learner driver I would have never contemplated. Just last night she drove Ethan into Nottingham, a very busy city, while following Sat Nav directions, she drove around areas of the city that even now I would actively avoid driving through!

On our way back home we stopped by my dads to make sure he was okay and to pick up a parcel that we had had delivered there. He's doing really well; after struggling with his skin following his second vaccine he has finally reached a point where his skin is back to how it should's only taken almost five months and two lots of intensive steroids. I asked if he'd been approached to have his vaccine booster which I thought at age 77 (almost 78) that he would have been but he hasn't and he was adamant that he won't be accepting it should it be offered because of all the problems he has experienced so far. But he has had notification that he's eligible for his flu shot but as he hasn't bothered with that for the last 17 years he won't be bothering this year either!

Home once more and we decided to head out for a walk over the fields next to where we live and in an hour and 19 minutes we completed 3.8 miles. It is very noticeable that our walks are no longer as busy with other walkers as they were this time last year or even six months ago, but at least everyone we did see was happy and polite enough to say 'hello'!

We then enjoyed a coffee sat outside in the garden as the day has been dry and sunny and relatively warm for the time of year. We chatted about the possibility of replacing our garden shed with more of a 'garden room' so that we can get 'out' in the garden all year round. It would also mean Simon could sit 'outside' and draw with his digital tablet without having to cope with the glare of the sun on the screen.

The day was rounded out with a new meal for dinner as I made a keto chicken garam masala which was very tasty and will now be added to my repertoire of keto and low carb meals. 

And that is it for today so I will see you tomorrow.

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