Friday, 29 October 2021

Day 590

Day 590...

Well, we have had a Friday and I don't think I've stopped all day...until writing this at the very least.

Once up and about I headed off to the jewellers to collect my repaired rings and they both look wonderful and now fit my finger so much better than before. The half eternity ring was the one that needed the most repair work doing as I'd managed to lose a diamond out of it and when the ring was reshaped a good bunch of the remaining stones fell out and needed re-setting. But the results are great and I'm just happy to be wearing both rings again as it has felt very strange not wearing them these past few weeks.

Rings as good as new
The rest of my morning was very exciting...she types with heavy I had Simon's tax return to complete. I'd been putting it off for months but had promised myself that I would get around to it sometime this week and today was the first day where I found myself with the time to do it. It was straight forward enough to complete as I had all the necessary figures to hand it's just a laborious process to go through each page of the return, read each page, ensure I understand exactly which boxes to complete and with what figures. And because I wanted to get it all completed and completed correctly there were a lot of explanations to read and links to explore but by the time Simon finished for lunch I'd gotten all the data input.

We braved the windy weather and headed out on a slightly shorter than normal walk completing 1.9 miles in 34 minutes. I needed to be back home in time to head out with Molly as we had an appointment with a garage to see about getting her car stereo updated.

We arrived at the garage and were told that they needed to assess the car to ensure that they had all the correct fixings but that if they did they would then install the new stereo. So while we left them to it me and Molly took a walk over to a local McDonalds to grab a coffee (me) and a milkshake (Molly) and in doing so we discovered parts of the town we didn't know existed. About 30 minutes later we got a call from the garage to say that they had hit a problem and couldn't install the stereo. We walked back over and having spoke to one of the colleagues at the garage it would appear that there may be an issue with some of the connections but we're not 100% we have booked to go back again on Sunday when another member of staff with more experience (and we hope expertise) can have a look and see what can or cannot be done.

Back home and I had a few things I wanted to get on top of...I had Simon's tax return to submit which I managed to do and then I had a couple of bills to pay and some other stuff but then I opened up pre-school's email. I had actually kept on top of the email account this past week but knew that there was a couple that I had to deal with...well four hours later not only had I responded to those couple but I'd created a few of my own along with updating the accounts, issuing text reminders, composing seven different emails and scheduling when to send them, writing two different newsletters and uploading them to the various different platforms that we use and updating our learning journal system that I'd forgotten to do this time last week - oops! And my bills still haven't been paid!

Molly has been busy sorting through all her stuff as she prepares to move down to Dan's this time next week. We have piles of stuff that either needs throwing away, has the potential to be sold on Ebay or is ready and waiting to go with her next week. It is a very exciting, if slightly overwhelming, time for us all. But the bonus of helping move Molly down south next week is that Simon and I get a weekend away coupled with a night out to see my favourite band, White Lies - eek!

And there we have a Friday...I'd hoped to get a little time just for me as I seem to have done a lot of running around this week but alas it was not to be.

See you tomorrow.

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