Thursday, 21 October 2021

Day 582

Day 582...

Well, all being well, today was my last day in work for just over a week...I hope I haven't jinxed it by typing that as technically should someone be off ill tomorrow I could get called in to cover!

But the morning was busy with lots to go over before we all break for the half term holiday next week. I had emails to compose and schedule, registers to print and bind, stuff to print and photocopy plus all the usual bits and pieces. I also had to remember to bring things home with me as I will have odds and sods to complete next week, the most important of which will be completing the accounts for the academic year so far.

The afternoon was spent, as usual for a Thursday, at home. I had some laundry to sort as well as a bit of tidying around which involved getting the hoover out. The only problem to that was that the hoover needed emptying which should have been easy enough to do but for some reason the release on the bin would not work. A little bit of brute force and I managed to get it open only to discover that everywhere inside was all gunked up. Unfortunately the last time it had been used was after Simon had done some plastering and suffice to say whatever had been hoovered up was still damp and had basically stuck itself to the inside of the collection bin. So before I could start hoovering I had to clean the hoover! But it is now all fixed and Molly's room is much cleaner than it was before as I wanted to take advantage of Molly not being at home this week to clean around her room.

And then with a fresh coffee in hand I decided to stop and take a little time out in front of the TV; not something I often do during the day but I had a program I wanted to watch and thought why not?! The program in question was 'Who Do You Think You Are? where celebrities research their family trees and I find it all very fascinating. Today's show was the actress Dame Judi Dench who is just delightful and adorable and the story she unraveled could not have been more perfect for her...definitely worth a watch.

With a few more jobs done, more coffee drunk, emails checked and responded to it was time to head down the 'gym' and throw a few weights about!!

Then this evening we have the very hard job of watching RuPauls Drag Race UK and one of our other favourite shows I better stop typing and cook the dinner so we can enjoy the evening.

See you tomorrow.

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