Friday, 1 October 2021

Day 562

Day 562...

And the end of the working week and we have a Friday and a full day in work for me. And it was a pretty standard Friday; the morning was spent working with the children and then a portion of the afternoon was spent catching up with some admin bits and bobs. I still have a little pre-school work to complete which I should be able to get done in the next day or so.

Once home it was time for a much needed coffee before dealing with the butchers order that had arrived earlier. Just a small matter of splitting 5kg of chicken, 5kg of steak mince, 4.5kg bacon, burgers, steak and 100 sausages into meal sized portions!

During the first lockdown back in March/April of 2020 when I was struggling to get delivery or collection slots at my local supermarket I'd looked into online butchers and discovered Rendalls in Scotland. Not only did they have a wide choice of exactly what I wanted but the prices were great too. During that initial period of lockdown their delivery timescales were quite lengthy but we thought we'd give them a try as it was something we'd never done before. Well eighteen months later and we are still using them and couldn't be happier; I placed today's order online on Wednesday afternoon and picked the first available delivery date of today...that's pretty good going. 

The great thing is that I am now stocked up on our meal time staples and know that we are all set for a fair few weeks. Living a low carb, almost carnivore, lifestyle means that this is an ideal way for us to order our food.

And before I knew it the day was done and it was time to settle back and get ready for whatever the weekend has in store.

See you tomorrow.

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