Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Day 574

Day 574...

Well it has been a Wednesday and I am writing this quite late in the day so I think this will be a quick post!

Today at pre-school we have had what is called an 'Inset Day' this is a day that we take as educators to either complete training or,as was the case today, have chance as a whole team to come together and plan.

The main focus of the day was to ensure that the team had chance to collate all the information relating to their ongoing teaching and plan ahead for the next few weeks. My curriculum manager was also able to plan ahead for the remainder of the academic year so that we know what topics and areas of the curriculum we will be covering and when. We also had chance as a team to chat about upcoming events like our Halloween Fun week, our Christmas fundraiser, Christmas concert and our children's Christmas party!

I was able to resolve a couple of technical issues, get up straight on some of my admin tasks as well as create a list of more stuff to do. We also took the time to look at the way we assess the children via our online learning journal system and decide on the best way to utilise it moving forward so that we have access to better data to enable more accurate forward planning.

The difference for me today was that normally I only work the morning but today was a full day which meant when I arrived home I had just enough time to grab a coffee before heading out the door again to take Molly to a mid-week guitar lesson. Because Molly is taking part in a black belt workshop on Saturday at her kickboxing academy she won't be able to make her usual guitar lesson so instead she had been able to organise a substitute lesson for this afternoon. So while she strummed away I took advantage of the nearby Starbucks and enjoyed a quiet half hour with a coffee and a bit of chocolate!

We returned home and then, in what felt like a matter of minutes, we were out the door again taking Molly to and from her second kickboxing class of the week. 

I think it might be time to stop now!

See you tomorrow.

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