Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Treerific Tuesday!

Day 258...

Back in work today and another busy day...although the morning was hampered by my laptop deciding to work at the slowest speed possible. It would appear it does not like having a big update and wants to rebel when I need to use it!

But over the course of the day I did manage to get caught up on all the banking, dealt with a few emails that needed responding to, arranged a delivery date for our storage containers, chased parents for responses to various emails and made a start on our Christmas fundraising.

As we cannot host our usual Christmas Fair we are having to do things a little differently this year. We will be having a stall set-up next week selling reindeer food, Santa keys, reindeer bells, jelly lollies and special festive treat cups. But we are also having a raffle which will be managed remotely. All the staff have contributed towards a Christmas hamper which looks amazing, we have a couple of local businesses donating prizes and our local Asda store has donated a trolley full of goodies. Jon, our contact at Asda, is amazing and always looks after us so well, this time we have a large Simba soft toy and a mountain of chocolate and biscuits to raffle.

I will admit that due to the slowness of my laptop this morning my work carried on at home. I really wanted to get on top of things as I have an online course to attend tomorrow afternoon so I will lose a few hours of my day to that.

Simon and Molly headed down the 'gym' this evening but as I was still typing things up I decided not to bother. Although I really need to find the motivation to get back into doing some sort of gym workout. Thankfully we are getting out for our walks as often as we can so at least I am doing something, but it would be good to get back to lifting a few weights again.

Thought I would take this first day of Advent to share some of my Christmas decorations, specifically some of our trees;

This is our main tree, and ALL the decorations are Disney themed.

Our black & silver tree, welcomes you into the house

And a slimmer tree for the dining room with quirky Santa & Snowmen decorations
And we do have a further four much smaller trees throughout the house as well as these two outside...
...suffice to say when we do Christmas, we really do Christmas! I'll share some more photos in another post.

This is our last day in our national lockdown number two and from one minute past midnight we revert back to the tier system with where we live being in the highest tier possible. So shops can re-open along with hairdressers and other personal care but the pubs, cafes and restaurants have to remain closed unless they can offer a take-away service. I still struggle with the logic behind these tiers...never mind not being convinced it's what we should, or need, to be doing. But there is nothing I can do about it all except just carry on as best I can.

Take care

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