Friday, 11 December 2020

End of the Working Week

Day 268...

We have reached Friday which means we have just four more days of pre-school before we break for Christmas. 

Today has been a catching up on admin jobs day, a little banking and then finalising our Christmas Raffle this afternoon. 

This afternoons raffle draw went very smoothly and we hopefully have a number of very happy individuals. The weeks fundraising activities have raised a very impressive £400 for pre-school, and while our annual Christmas Fair would normally raise double this or even more we have been amazed at the support show and how well we have done with what we could manage 'remotely'!

Once home I still had a few emails to send and a few Facebook posts to organise. Not only have we been fundraising this week but we have also joined in with a local community event. Festive Windows is a special activity with local houses and groups decorating their windows and forming a 'Christmas Trail' for locals to follow. While we don't have a window that we could decorate we decided to adorn our gate instead and my team along with the children have created this amazing piece of work...

How fab is this?!!
...we even have twinkly lights all around it so it can be seen at night!

And then it was yet another 'Baby Yoda' show this evening...except there was no baby Yoda in it!! Still a cracking episode though...only one more to go in this series and I have a feeling it's going to be a bit of a cliff hanger!

Take care out there,

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