Sunday, 6 December 2020

Simply Sunday

Day 263...

Our Sunday started as it pretty much always does...slightly slowly. But once moving and filled with breakfast I had the usual job of making sure my online grocery shop was completed ready for collecting tomorrow morning.

We then had my final couple of Ebay sales to package up for posting so tomorrow we can take everything to the local post office and courier drop-off.

Then we ventured outside. Simon has had an enquiry for a Mandalorian helmet, which is the first he's had in a while, and thankfully he already had one in 'stock'. The only aspect he needs to make is a range finder stalk and to find out whether the purchaser needs a visor including. But this did mean venturing into the loft area of the garage to locate said helmet.

But while outside we decided to add more baubles to our trees and bushes; we cut down the dead flowers from one of the plants which meant we could reach more of the bushes as well as be able to see them better once decorated.

While we were all wrapped up we decided to take a bit of a stroll and managed 5.2 miles in around one hour and 36 minutes. We thought we might see some Christmas lights as the evening light came in and although we saw a few as we neared the end of our walk I think we will need to take a walk out a little later in the day to get the best effect. We commented last week that there seems to be more houses with lights up this year; whether that's right or not I don't know, maybe people have simply put lights up earlier this year. But whatever the case it is lovely to see people enjoying the season despite everything that we have gone through, and are still going through, this year.

We arrived home to a freshly brewed pot of coffee (thanks Ethan!) and then I did a little impromptu Christmas present shopping having spotted something online by chance that would make a lovely stocking filler. 

And while I shopped Simon was able to find, via Mixcloud, one of our burlesque friends, Stage Door Johnny, and his new radio show. I am now looking forward to listening to the next few weeks as he plays some classic, vintage Christmas tunes. Although I was rather surprised to find out today that he was watching White Christmas for the first time ever...OMG how? One of my all time favourite movies...ever...and if you don't cry while watching then you have no heart! 

To round out our Sunday it was time for the Disney Dream Girls Disney quiz and this week some of the questions were set by yours truly...well I say yours truly when I actually mean it was split between an internet search for Disney trivia questions and ones that Simon had created. We had watched a show on Disney + called 'Decorating Disney Holiday Magic' all about decorating the parks for Christmas and Simon had noted down some questions as we watched. A lovely program to watch and it generated enough questions for our quiz too!

I just love being able to combine my love of Disney with my love for Christmas, hence our main tree is completely Disney themed...

Disney tree decorations
And the end result

Take care,

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