Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Another Lockdown Birthday

Day 266...

Yes we have another birthday during these strange and unprecedented times and this time it's mine! As a lady I won't reveal my age, let's just say I'm not 21 anymore!

I have a wonderful team of work colleagues which meant that although I was in work this morning I was able to take the afternoon off.

Yesterday's baking efforts were a special delivery for my team...some, hopefully yummy, rocky road muffins!

I decided to leave the opening of presents and cards until later in the day when I could better enjoy it, but I feel very loved and thankful to have received some very lovely and thoughtful presents.

My work team surprised me with this gorgeous necklace and little did they know that I have been eyeing up this necklace for years!
My very good friend and podcast co-host Michelle not only got me one of my all time favourite chocolate bars (Cadbury's Old Jamaica) and a Star Wars t-shirt but she got me this absolutely adorable Figment hanging decoration.
Simon, along with a couple of t-shirts, had bought me this amazing Disney book that I'd been wanting for a while...Disney and holidays, there is no better combination.
I like that Molly and Ethan are optimistic about the year ahead as they bought me a calendar and diary...Disney of course!
And as look would have it I received my Hotel Chocolat subscription today...dark chocolate of course...
...and this gorgeous pair of cute bambi-esq, festive, glittery earrings that I ordered after I'd fell in love with the design on an Instagram post also arrived!
I was very blessed to see in person one of my closest friends who I haven't seen since this whole COVID thing started as she dropped by with a card and pressie. It was lovely to chat, all be it outside in the cold, and catch-up just a little bit. Plus she knows me too well as her pressie was a Christmas themed jigsaw!

And when I arrived home at lunchtime I found that Molly had baked me a favourite low carb dark chocolate cake which I am going to enjoy with some raspberries and a generous helping of double cream.

And that is where I am going to leave todays's my birthday and I can do what I want...I have another glass of red wine calling me and chocolate cake to eat! Happy Birthday to me!

Take care.

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